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Information About Discount Cruises

When you take discount cruises, your cruise price includes shipboard accommodations, meals, and most entertainment aboard the vessel.  Discount cruises do not include organized shore excursions, alcoholic beverages or carbonated soft drinks in their price.  Also, photographs, gratuities, spa and beauty treatments, medical services, casino expenditures or other miscellaneous you may purchase on board are not included in the price of discount cruises.

Discount cruises offer two different cabin view, an inside view and an ocean view.  An ocean view room will have a window or porthole above the water line. An inside cabin will not have a view, in place of the window there will be artwork or draperies.

You do not need to participate in the activities on discount cruises.  On discount cruises, you do what you want, when you want.  There are usually activities planned for almost every hour of the day that will cover a wide range of interests. If you wish to just relax and watch the clouds, you can do that as well.

Discount Cruises have a lively night life.  They offer dancing, live entertainment and even comedians.  Almost all ships have casinos and most lines have elaborate Broadway or Vegas-style shows as well.

Smoking on discount cruises is pretty similar to smoking anywhere.  Most ships have either a non-smoking area in the dining room or the dining rooms are completely non-smoking.  Smokers typically have a designated area in the lounges and can smoke on the open air decks as well.

You can start to board discount cruises about four hours before departure.  All passengers on discount cruises must be on board at least thirty minutes before the ship sets sail.

There is no best time of the year for discount cruises.  It really all depends on when you want to go on vacation.  Many Caribbean discount cruises are year-round, but some are exotic and seasonal.  The only time you can sail Alaska is from May until September.  Discount cruises to Bermuda are limited to April to October and discount cruises to Europe are between April and November.

Pregnancy policies vary on discount cruises.  Generally, most discount cruises will allow a woman up to 24 weeks pregnant to travel.  Policies vary, so contacting the specific cruise line via their websites is advised.

Discount cruises often offer a children’s program that offers activities for children aged three and up.  It is usually divided by age levels and all activities are age-appropriate.  There are some discount cruises that offer group babysitting for smaller children in the evening and some even offer in-room babysitting for an hourly fee.

In the event that you need to cancel your cruise, you will have to refer to the discount cruises’ cancellation policy.  It is the responsibility of the passenger to understand the policy and penalties for cancellation.  In addition to fees to the cruise line, you may also end up owing your travel agent a nominal cancellation fee. has specialized in Alaska cruises since 1996. is part of the CruiseShipCenters franchise system and is wholly owned by Paradise Cruise Center Ltd., established in 1987.

In 2004, we relocated our offices to downtown Vancouver at #400 - 1055 West Hastings Street where we are literally a block from Canada Place Pier where most cruise ships to Alaska arrive and depart daily during the Alaska cruise season from May to September. 

We are also minutes away from the other major Vancouver port at Ballantyne Pier.  While Alaska remains our specialty, we do book our international clients on cruises to worldwide destinations, such as the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and Asia.

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