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  • The Search Engine Writer
    TheSearchWriter - Simon Healy has been working online since early 1994 working as a web developer, copywriter, online marketer, editor and international aid worker. I am currently the CEO of an award winning charity called as well as the managing partner of Black Sun Web Design.

  • Black Sun Web Design
    BlackSun is an award winning, niche, web development firm based in Byron Bay, Australia.
    We have partner offices in Manila, Philippines and Dhaka, Bangladesh. We specialize in expert level copywriting, web design, search optimization & online marketing.

  • Better Photography
    Photography is the process of making pictures by means of the action of light. Light patterns reflected or emitted from objects are recorded onto a sensitive medium or storage chip through a timed exposure.

  • Buy Beautiful Diamonds Safely Online
    As many people know, diamonds are formed primarily by intensive pressure. Over along period of time materials including carbon that are exposed to high temperatures and pressure for a prolonged period of time eventually become new and different compounds altogether.

  • Best Scuba Dives I've Been On
    Some of the spots I'll show you include: The Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsunday Islands, Tasmania and Bass Strait in Australia, Palawan, Philippines, Borneo and Sabah, Belize in the Carribean and about a dozen other locations including great pics, maps, supplier tips, equipment I recommend and travel tips and dangers

  • Scuba Blog - Dive Palawan
    This trip to Palawan was really cool. I was there in 2006 for about a month in June 2006. Philippines. I dived in El Nido, Coron and a few other spots whilst cruising with some expat friends of mine who live locally. This place is primordial in it’s beauty. You could spend years diving and floating around in Palawan and that’s exactly what a retired architect mate of mine is doing. He has a dive boat and is plotting about 400 wrecks right across Palawan’s 1700 plus islands.

  • Excellent Wines
    I did a search on Google Scholar for wine. A lot of articles were returned in the search result. At first glance, I could not figure out why these results had been returned. At closer inspection, the author of the first few articles had the last name of Wine.

  • Overseas Nursing Jobs
    Search Nursing Jobs Overseas and in your own country. Few professions are more noble, more important, more critically in need than nursing. Nurse jobs provide an absolutely vital service to the community, and no Internet site for nurse jobs understands that more than

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